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Criminal Records Check

Section 4779.091 of the Ohio Revised Code requires all individuals applying for a license issued by the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics to submit fingerprints for a criminal records check to be completed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Please note that the statute requires a criminal records check for initial license applications only. Criminal record checks are not required for current OPP license holders who apply for additional licenses (including temporary to full).

Law & Rules

The most current regulatory language comprising the law and rules governing the Orthotic, Prosthetic and Pedorthic professions in the state of Ohio may be accessed online:

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4779
Ohio Administrative Code Agency Rules 4779

Considering A Career in Orthotics, Prosthetics or Pedorthics? Read The Following...


The following fees will be required for all transactions and services occurring on or after September 1, 2015.  In the case of a discrepancy between information on a form and information on this schedule, please refer to the information on this schedule.

Initial License Application – All Types – Full          


Initial License Application – All Types – TEMP          


Annual License Renewal – All Types – Full              


One-time License Renewal – All Types – TEMP    


Late Fee – License Renewal                                   


Late Fee – OPPCE                                                             


License Upgrade – TEMP>Full                                  


License Consolidate – LO or LP > LPO                


License Issuance                                            


New OPPCE Activity Review                            

$ 50

Certified license verification  OR Replace wall certificate                     

$ 25

Fine, per violation                                              


Miscellaneous Fees Mail-in Form -- please use this form when mailing a fee other than an initial application or online renewal. 

The disciplines of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics are regulated fields in the state of Ohio. Please be sure to download and complete all applicable forms listed under the profession for which you are applying.

Do you hold a license issued by another state that licenses in O&P?  Before completing your application, please review Ohio's Limited Reciprocity provisions here:    Limited Reciprocity Provisions

Orthotics and/or Prosthetics:

Application for Licensure in Orthotics and/or Prosthetics 09.2015 revision fees

Criminal Records Check Instructions

Supervision Statement for O&P Applicants with Guidelines (required for Temporary license applications)

Active Military & Veterans Questionnaire - 2014 Revision


Application for Licensure in Pedorthics 09.2015 Revision fees

Criminal Records Check Instructions

Supervision Statement for Pedorthic Applicants with Guidelines (required for Temporary license applications)

Active Military & Veterans Questionnaire - 2014 Revision

Pedorthics Pre-certification Providers

License renewal expiry 01.31.2016:

Blank Renewal Mail-in Form  (license expiry 01.31.2016)

OPPCE Statement of Compliance (license subcategory "3" license first issued prior to 2015)

License Reinstatement:

License Reinstatement Application 2014 Revision (For licenses lapsed more than two years)

Temporary Licensure:

Temporary licensure is available for those on track to gain full practitioner level licensure, meeting certain conditions and requirements. The application fee is $150. Until further notice, please use the standard license application form for the profession, and note on the form or separately that the application is for a Temporary license. According to the statute (ORC §4779.18), a Temporary license may only be renewed one time.  Unlike full licenses, which all expire and require renewal as of January 31st of any given year, a Temporary license expires/renews on its own unique anniversary date.

Orthotics and Prosthetics Licensure Pathways:

Effective January 2008, only two educational pathway options are available for entrance to Orthotics and Prosthetics at the practitioner level.

1. Bachelors or Masters in O&P + 8 months supervision** + residency
2. Bachelors or better (any) + 8 months supervision** + residency + post-grad NCOPE-approved certificate program

** Supervision must be under an Ohio-licensed practitioner.  The reciprocity pathway eliminates the in-state supervision requirement.

Temporary licensure is available for a candidate who has completed a residency but has not yet taken/passed the exam and/or may be completing the 8-month supervision requirement.

All candidates must sit for exam; however, the license exam is comprised of the Written and Written Simulation components of the ABC certification exam. Thus, candidates who are ABC certified by exam are not required to re-take the exam.

For more information, contact the Board office at 614.466.1157 or by email.

Active Military & Veterans Benefits:

In an effort to promote opportunities for and inclusion of active military, veterans, and their spouses in the licensed occupational fields offered in Ohio, and in compliance with Am. Sub. House Bill 98, the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics would like to ask you a few questions about your or your spouse's current or prior military service.

Completion of this document at the time of initial application may entitle you to certain licensure benefits, including but not limited to expedited processing of your application.

Active Military & Veterans Questionnaire - 2014 Revision

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