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Five-Year Rule Review

Ohio Revised Code Section 119.032 requires agencies to review all rules at least every five years to assure they are current, relevant and essential. In addition, the Board may promulgate new or amend existing rules to update its regulatory matrix; not infrequently, the Board engages in rule update and revision in response to requirements brought by other legislative or executive actions.  A general guide to the OPP Board's rule promulgation and amendment process is available at the link on the right hand side of this page.

The Common Sense Initiative requires the Board to reach out to stakeholders early in the rule promulgation process to capture as much feedback as possible regarding how the rule language may affect stakeholders and whether there are undue or unanticipated costs imposed by the proposed language.   CSI review is generally focused on four (4) issues for consideration: 

(1) Is more flexibility at the local level required?

(2) Does the rule present an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and does it reference a text that is incorporated appropriately?

(3) Does the rule overlap or conflict with other rules?

(4) Does the rule have an adverse impact on businesses that has not been eliminated or reduced?

Please reference information below regarding any current proposal.  This page will be updated as the process moves between the Board, the Office of the Common Sense Initiative, and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. 




Current Rules Under Review...
Rules Review 2017:

The following information is being provided pursuant to Executive Order 2011-01K and Senate Bill 2 of the 129th General Assembly, which require state agencies including the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics to draft rules in collaboration with stakeholders, assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community (as defined by SB2), and provide opportunity for the affected public to provide input on the rules.

Under the FYR (Five Year Review) protocol, the Board must conduct a review of four (4) rules in its current series, and may consider other rule language for promulgation (entirely new or replacement language), rescission (deletion of an entire rule), or amendment.  The process is initiated with Board consideration/discussion at a regularly scheduled meeting, and by outreach to its stakeholder community.

Information and Updates will be posted here and to the Board Meeting Dates record


As a public stakeholder of this Board, your feedback is welcome and encouraged on all rules within the OPP Board's authority.  Please email us your comments to the OPP Board and to the Common Sense Initiative office (embedded email link will address message to both). 

Previous Rule Review...
Rule Review Pending; Public Rules Hearing Scheduled



Rule Number



License Application Procedure - AMEND


Temporary License Application Procedure - AMEND


License Renewal - AMEND


Fees - AMEND

4779-5-03 – License Application Procedure -- TO AMEND   -- the changes address aspects that were not effectively dealt with in the amendments processed earlier this year.  Thus, language referring to “a form” on the website refers instead to “a method provided” on the website, and directs that the mail-in form should only be utilized by those “unable to utilize the online application method …”.  An additional change recognizes the expansion of Pedorthic Exam vendors to include another entity whose exam is approved by the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE), aligning this language with the exam vendor provisions.

4779-6-01 – Temporary Application Procedure – TO AMEND  -- these are changes similar in nature and substance to those being advanced in 4779-5-03 as noted above.

4779-8-01 – Renewal of License – TO AMEND  -- The following process changes are addressed:  (1) Establishes a clear requirement that the licensee is responsible to notify the Board of a change in contact information within 30 days of the change; (2) eliminates language requiring a late charge to be set at 50% of the payment due amount, which seems increasingly harsh as fees tend to rise, and instead leaves the matter to the fee schedule established in 4779-12-01;   (3)  reinforces the move away from production of paper documents to virtual and online-sourced data points; (4) specifies that a license status changes from Active to Inactive if the expiration date passes without a renewal payment being recorded, and sets a 30 day limit to the allowance for a practitioner to continue to practice with an expired license; (5) provides that the Board can require an update to Continuing Education for an applicant seeking to reinstate a lapsed or expired license.

4779-12-01 – Fees – TO AMEND – these are changes to the parameters within which the Board must operate when assigning fees.  One provides that the cost of a license to be issued or upgraded should not exceed the cost of a license to be renewed, and that the cost to renew a combined license type should not exceed the cost to renew same/similar professional credentials when held as separate licenses.

Rule Review 2014-2015

Rule Review 2014-2015 -- Rescind Hearing rules, No Change Confidential Personal Information rules, Amend OPPCE Requirements and Reporting rules, Rescind/replace Fees rule. 

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