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About the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, & Pedorthics...

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4779 and the Board were established by legislation enacted in the year 2000.  The Ohio Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics Practice Act was born out of an initiative spearheaded by the leadership of the state’s O&P trade association, and supported by the orthopedic clinician community with a focus on patient protection.   

Licensure is far from universal across states, and Ohio can be considered on the leading edge of the movement toward licensure as a standard for these professions.  Only about a half-dozen states provided for licensure when Ohio’s law passed.  By 2006, eleven (11) states had licensing provisions.  In 2017, seventeen (17) states address O&P licensure or certification in their statutory structures.

Orthotists are medical bracing professionals with advanced education, training and expertise in fitting, adjusting and customizing prefabricated bracing devices and creating entirely custom fabricated devices;

Prosthetists provide assistive mobility and activity devices for persons challenged by limb or extremity loss.  Prosthetic care may include prosthesis design, fabrication, fitting and modification for purposes of restoring physiological function and/or cosmesis.

Pedorthists practice a specialized “ankle and below” subset of orthotic interventions, providing, fitting and customizing medically-indicated therapeutic footwear, including orthopedic shoes and diabetic therapeutic shoes and inserts.

More general information is available at the "Additional Information" tab.


ALL LICENSING APPLICATION, RENEWAL AND FEE PAYMENT FUNCTIONS ARE NOW ONLINE THROUGH THE NEW STATE OF OHIO E-LICENSE PORTAL.  Board staff asks that any applicants holding a downloaded PDF or paper application utilize the online process instead.  We will continue to update the website with information relevant to understanding the features and functions of the new Ohio eLicense platform. 

If you have questions during this period please contact the Board.


It is the Board's intent for this website to serve as a point of reference for licensees, applicants, consumers and other interested party stakeholders.  As our staffing is on the lean side, please call our attention to any broken links, missing data, or suggestions for better configuration by email utilizing any of the links provided above or below. 

Thank you for your understanding.

News & Announcements...
Legislative Update

Allied Healthcare Licensing, Regulation Targeted for Organizational Revamp

Proposal Now Pending in Biennial Budget Bill House Bill 49 of the 132nd General Assembly

April 6, 2017 - The Board offered written and verbal testimony at a hearing before the Senate Finance Health and Medicaid Subcommittee

March 7, 2017 -- The Board offered written and verbal testimony at a hearing before the House Finance Subcommittee on State Government and Agency Review

 Budget testimony // Committee Questions // Governor's Recommendations OPP // Governor's Recommendations SPHSB //


December 9, 2016 -- The current 2-year session of the Ohio General Assembly is closing with no further hearings scheduled on these bills.  For further information, contact the Ohio O&P Association and your elected officials.

Nov. 15, 2016 -- One week after the end of the 2016 election season and just six weeks shy of the end of the 131st General Assembly session, twin bills have been introduced for hearings and appear to be poised for a push to passage by the end of the calendar year.  With strong backing from legislative leaders and the Governor's Office of Health Transformation, the 450-page measures seek to insulate Ohio's healthcare regulators from legal liability and anti-trust attack, abolish several independent agencies by apportioning functions to other, larger existing entities and/or forming newer umbrella licensing structures, and reduce redundant bureaucratic oversight processes.

The new boards formed would be charged with, among other things, establishing a code of ethical practice for individuals licensed, certified, or registered by that board and that "the board shall define unprofessional conduct [to] include engaging in a dual relationship with a client or former client, committing an act of sexual abuse, misconduct, or exploitation of a client or former client, and, except as permitted by law, violating client confidentiality."

The Physical Health Services Board would assume responsibility for administering the licensure and regulation of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Trainers licensing as well as Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics.

The Behavioral Health Professionals Board would consolidate regulation of Chemical Dependency Professionals; Counselors and Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists; and Board of Psychology stakeholders.

The Vision and Hearing Professional Board would aggregate functions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology; Optometrists and Optical Dispensers; and Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters.

A Fact Sheet on the initiative states:  "Reforming Ohio’s medical professional licensing board structure will minimize legal vulnerabilities related to antitrust laws, align board licensing and regulation with modern clinical standards and practices, promote coordination to better detect and act upon professional misconduct, and create smaller, more efficient government to achieve taxpayer savings."

Suspended License Ordered Revoked

December 15, 2016 -  As a result of the Goldman hearing held by the Board in conjunction with its regular meeting on December 13th, the license in Prosthetics which had been suspended four months earlier was Revoked.  A panel of the Board including all active board members came to that decision after deliberation on 12/13/2016; the Order becomes effective upon mailing of the Findings and Order to the subject.

     "Based on consideration of all the evidence and the testimony heard, reviewed and considered, the Board finds that Mr. Kuehn’s conduct as evidenced in the exhibits and testimony is a violation of the law and rules cited, constitutes a departure from or failure to conform to minimal standards of care for the profession, that he engaged in activities that sought to meet his personal needs at the expense or detriment of health care recipients, and that his practice was not in accordance with prevailing professional standards or guidelines," according to the findings in the formal document.

     A Goldman hearing establishes a record of procedural matters and substantive information documenting the basis for a state of Ohio agency's adverse formal action against a license or licensee when the subject has not requested a formal hearing on the charges.  As the Order issued notes, the subject nonetheless has a right to appeal the Board's action by filing a Notice of Appeal within fifteen (15) days.

August 8, 2016 -- A Meeting of the Board was held by teleconference on this date, pursuant to the authority granted by Ohio Revised Code Section 4779.29, which provides that "If the board determines that there is clear and convincing evidence that an individual licensed under this chapter is engaging or has engaged in conduct described in division (A) of section 4779.28 of the Revised Code and that the license holder's continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public, the board may suspend the individual's license without an adjudicatory hearing. A telephone conference call may be used for reviewing the matter and taking the vote."   

     Findings contained in the Notice and Order state that the licensee was the subject of a complaint filed by his employer with the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics; that the complaint alleged and provided documentation that the licensee solicited a professionally inappropriate romantic and/or sexual relationship with a patient; that the licensee admitted to the conduct and was terminated from employment on that basis; that the licensee failed to respond to ABC's notices of the complaint and request for response; and that such as well as other conduct alleged constitutes "A departure from, or failure to conform to, minimal standards of care of similar … prosthetists … under the same or similar circumstances …," and that his "continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public, and thus that his license to practice should be suspended immediately, subject to the protections and provisions of Ohio law."

     "It is thus hereby ORDERED that:  The license issued to JEFFREY KUEHN, LP. 61 is hereby IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED ."

For further information, please email the Board Office.    

Gov. Kasich Re-Appoints Hagman to Three-Year Term

December 9, 2016 -  Jeffrey A. Hagman, licensed and ABC-Certified in Prosthetics, was re-appointed to the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics for a term beginning December 9, 2016, and ending December 6, 2019, by Governor John Kasich.  He was appointed to his first term on February 11, 2014, filling a then-open vacancy in the position.

Jeff opened his own prosthetics practice in the Cleveland area in 2013: Bright Prosthetics Inc.

Mr. Hagman earned a BA Degree in Marketing from the University of Toledo and did his post-graduate Certificate Program work at Eastern Michigan University. His early training and residency was gained at Perry Prosthetics in the Toledo area, where he worked his way up from a technician to the Lead Prosthetist position. Mr. Hagman is dedicated to his patients and works to provide superior prosthetic care by continually looking for ways to improve prosthetic care for his patients. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his spouse Kristen and his two young children. Mr. Hagman also enjoys hiking and racing sailboats whenever time allows.

"I’m grateful to have received the Governor’s endorsement for this position. Ever since starting my prosthetics career, I knew that someday I would get involved at a higher level and contribute time back to our profession. Just as I focus on excellence in patient care in my prosthetics practice, I hope to help promote excellence and attention to patient care within our profession through my service on the Board.”

Board Narrows Reach of Rules Proposed for Review

4-Rule Package "final filed," rules effective as of 11/14/2016

     The Board approved “final filing” of the rule package that was subject to public hearing on May 3, 2016, as well as approving four current rules for amendment.  The Board’s stakeholders were and are invited and encouraged to make concerns and suggestions known.  Please review the information at the Rules Pending Review tab on the website and offer your input and expertise as the Board seeks to keep its rule language clear, accurate and up-to-date.

     The pre-filing comment period for the pending 4-rule package ended July 15, 2016.  Email notice issued and website information updated June 22, 2016.  The Office of the Common Sense Initiative filed a "no recommendation" memorandum on August 26, 2016, and on August 29th, the Board filed the rule package on the Register of Ohio to initiate the formal JCARR review process.  The Public Rules Hearing is scheduled for September 29, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.  All formal documents are available through the links on the Rules Pending Review page.

     While recognizing a gap still exists between annual revenue and expense obligations, the State Board of OPP nonetheless rejected at the April meeting proposed new rule language to “enhance” revenue by limiting opportunities for dual-profession practitioners to obtain a combined credential.  The Board did approve language changes for the fee rule (OAC 4779-12-01) that would allow the Board to consider setting the renewal fee for a combined LPO credential at double the cost of a single-profession ticket.  However, discussion made clear that Board consensus is to not consider a further fee increase before the December 2016 meeting.  Since policy and rule language requires new fees to be posted to the website at least 60 days before being formally considered for implementation by the Board, any such increase is effectively delayed at least until Fiscal Year 2018 and the renewals due 01/31/2018.



Health Professions Data Warehouse to Inform Policy and Planning

STAY INFORMED:  The State of Ohio is seeking to leverage and collaborate the new eLicense platform as an enterprise-based Information Technology initiative with design features that allow data sharing to advance programmatic policy and workforce assessment efforts.  Licensees and applicants are asked to be aware that enhanced data collection will occur during online application and renewal processing across allied healthcare licensing agencies; agency staff have been working with the data developers to limit repetitive or redundant inquiries and distill the data gathering to only those elements necessary to the purpose. 

CLICK HERE for a one-page fact sheet about the overall Health Professions Data Warehouse project. 

CLICK HERE for a broader view of the administration's policy and goals.

Health Care Policy and Planning is increasingly focused on data analytics derived from available Big Data sources.  If you're not in the data, you're not in the plan.


Device Definition Updates, BOC Pedorthist Exam Added as LPED Qualifier, Preparation for Online Application Acceptance

Rule language, associated documents published to the Register of Ohio. 

A copy of the referenced rules may be obtained at the board’s website, http://opp.ohio.gov, or by contacting the Board by email or fax, or by searching at the Register of Ohio site:  http://www.registerofohio.state.oh.us/

Rule Number



Board organization - NO CHANGE


Personnel - NO CHANGE


Board records - AMEND


Definition of terms - AMEND


Device-related and scope of practice definitions - AMEND


Certificate program requirements - NO CHANGE


The examinations - RESCIND / NEW


Admission to the examination - AMEND


License application procedure - AMEND


Original license documents - AMEND


Ethical and professional conduct - AMEND

Provide feedback regarding these rules or this process. We want to hear from you. Email the board using this link (will copy to CSI office), or download and send by mail or fax a Stakeholder Response Form.

Governor Kasich Re-Appoints Daulton to 3-year Term

December 14, 2015 -- Tamara A. Daulton of Batavia (Clermont Co.) has been reappointed to the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics nd Pedorthics for a term beginning December 14, 2015 and ending December 6, 2018.

Ms. Daulton, LPED, Licensed and ABC Certified in Pedorthics, was first appointed to the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics for a term beginning December 2, 2013, by Governor John Kasich. Employed at BioWorks in Southwest Ohio, Ms. Daulton is also active in the leadership of the Pedorthic Footcare Association, and has presented at numerous PFA Symposia.

She earned a BS Degree in Education, emphasis in Athletic Training, from the University of Akron in 1996 and has been employed in the field since 1997. She received her Pre-Certification Eduation at Northwestern University, and has been certified since 2003; licensed since 2004.

“I now feel it is time to expand my professional and leadership responsibilities at the state level, and improve both the recognition and efficacy of pedorthics within my home state,” Ms. Daulton said. “I appreciate the opportunity provided by my appointment.”

Governor Kasich Re-Appoints Weaver to 3-year Term

December 8, 2015 - Brian Weaver, LPO, Licensed and ABC Certified in Prosthetics and Orthotics, was re-appointed to the State Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics for a term beginning December 8, 2015, and ending Dec. 6, 2018 by Governor John Kasich. 

   Specializing in lower limb devices, he is a resident of Grove City in Franklin County.  At the September 2015 meeting of the Board, he was re-elected to the post of President.

   Weaver earned a BS Degree in Biology from Oregon State University (not THE OSU, just AN OSU).  He practices at American Orthopedics in Columbus, Ohio. His post-grad work in Prosthetics was gained at Northwestern University and in Orthotics, from the Newington Program in Connecticut. Brian is an active member of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, as well as its Ohio Chapter.

   Brian is a frequent lecturer to various healthcare professionals, including Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation resident physicians and Physical Therapy Masters Degree students at The Ohio State University Medical Center, as well as to local physical therapy groups. He also serves as a consultant to the Orthotic and Prosthetic clinic at THE Ohio State University Medical Center.


Creditable Training Available


Governor Kasich’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force is thrilled to share our updated, revamped online human trafficking training for licensees of boards and commissions. The new 50 minute video features up-to-date information about the signs and indicators of human trafficking and who is impacted in Ohio, interviews with responders and survivors, and how you can help make a difference. Importantly, you can receive 1 CE hour for viewing the updated training and completing a short quiz. To receive credit for your board or commission, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit http://humantrafficking.ohio.gov to access the training
  2. Click the first yellow button on the left that says “Human Trafficking Training- earn 1.0 CE Hour of Training”
  3. Complete Steps 1-3 outlined on the page
New Fee Schedule Effective September 1, 2015

The newer language of the OPP Fee Rule – Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Agency Rule 4779-12-01 – passed JCARR review , was “final filed” on 7/13/2015 and assigned an effective date of 09/01/2015.  The following fees will be required for the activities and services indicated beginning September 1st.  In addition to a nominal increase in the fee for an initial non-Temporary license application (to $150 from $125) and the increase in annual license renewal (was $300, now $400), the rule also provides for fee assessments for activities/services that were previously fee-free, such as certified license verifications, review-for-approval of OPPCE activities not already ABC or BOC-approved, and fines for found violations of Chapter 4779 law and rules provisions.

Pursuant to the rule language, the Board approved the following fee schedule for FY16 at its June 2015 meeting.  Find current fee rule language here (the page will display “old” and “new” language until the new language becomes effective 09/01/2015).

Initial License Application – All Types – Full          


Initial License Application – All Types – TEMP          


Annual License Renewal – All Types – Full              


One-time License Renewal – All Types – TEMP    


Late Fee – License Renewal                                   


Late Fee – OPPCE                                                             


License Upgrade – TEMP>Full                                  


License Consolidate – LO or LP > LPO                


License Issuance                                            


New OPPCE Activity Review                            

$ 50

Certified license verification OR Replace wall certificate                       

$ 25

Fine, per violation                                              


Sept. 2014 - Mar. 2015 Five-Year Rule Review

Sep. 10, 2014 - In accordance with the Periodic Review of Rules requirement, the OPP Board will be processing two chapters and two individual rules of its Administrative Rules series for review.


Board Proposes Expanded Coverage for Orthopedic Shoes

Jun. 10, 2014 - The Board proposed an amendment to Rule 5160-10-12, Orthopedic Shoes and Foot Orthoses to the Ohio Department of Medicaid for consideration during its rule review process. The expansion would cover orthopedic shoes when not an integral part of a brace for beneficiaries “with documented diagnoses of moderate or severe peripheral neuropathy or peripheral arterial disease.”

To read more about the Board's discussion, click through to the Board Bulletpoints from the June 10, 2014 Board meeting.


Mar. 18, 2014 - Another O&P Practitioner seat "times out" near the end of this year, as does the Consumer member's spot. - Bill Neu, LPO and Robert Reed, Consumer Member will have served for two consecutive terms. We are aware of an applicant for the Consumer position, but the process is still open to those who may be willing and interested in serving on the Board.

Terms are for three years and an initial term is subject to re-appointment at the discretion of the Governor.

Active, informed and committed-to-service licensees and consumers are encouraged to consider the leadership opportunity. Contact the Board office for further information, or submit your application directly to the Governor's office.

Board Approves Statement on CMS’ OTS Orthotics Designations

Mar. 11, 2014 - For the past several years, the Board has offered written guidance and a protocol rubric to the OPP licensee and DME provider communities regarding the Ohio standards for determination of Orthotic devices requiring or not requiring licensed dispensation in compliance with Revised Code Chapter 4779.  Recognizing that recent changes in language and policy pushed out by CMS’ DMEPOS regulator is causing some confusion in the provider community regarding the effect of those changes in Ohio, the Board approved a statement of clarification in this regard.

In summary:  “Ohio regulatory language does not align exactly with federal language, and the Ohio Board has determined that devices marketed and reimbursed under many of the HCPCS codes referenced in CMS’ action meet the requirements of custom fit devices and do not meet the Ohio definition of a device requiring ‘minimal fitting.’”



To read the full statement, click through to the DME Providers tab or use the link above.

Kasich Launches Public Awareness Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking

Jan. 9, 2014 - Today, Gov. John Kasich kicked off a new public awareness campaign to ramp-up Ohio’s ongoing fight against human trafficking, the illegal trade of people for commercial sex or forced labor exploitation that enslaves approximately 1,000 Ohioans every year.  The new campaign, led by the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, gives Ohioans new resources for how they can personally help combat the problem by reporting suspicious activity.  It also is aimed at connecting with trafficking victims themselves, with outreach materials in places where they are likely to see them, such as public transit sites and highway rest areas. Details of the campaign can be found here: HumanTrafficking.Ohio.Gov

Human trafficking – the illegal trade of human beings for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor – is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises worldwide. Each year an estimated 1,078 Ohio children become victims of human trafficking and 3,016 more are at-risk for exploitation.

Everyone has a role in ending Human Trafficking. Click here to learn more.

Veterans' Civilian Re-Entry - Compliance with Am. Sub. House Bill 98

Rule Review 2014-2015 -- Rescind Hearing rules, No Change Confidential Personal Information rules, Amend OPPCE Requirements and Reporting rules, Rescind/replace Fees rule. 

Fee Rule Public Hearing & Board Meeting 06/09/2015

 The proposed new Fee Rule -- OAC 4779-12-01 (current)  (proposed) is set for Public Hearing before the full Board at its next meeting on June 9, 2015.  See the Notice on the Register of Ohio. Included in the rules package agenda are proposals to make a technical amendment to the OPPCE reporting rule; to carry forward the rules governing Confidential Personal Information; and to eliminate a set of detailed rules meant to guide the Administrative Hearing process.  To register to provide public testimony, or to send a written statement, use this link to send an email: 06/09/2015 Public Hearing

Proposed FY16 Fee Schedule (Agenda item for 06/09/2015 meeting):  click here

Active Military / Veterans / Spouses Accommodations Rule Set Finalized

Jun. 10, 2014 - The rule package that was considered as summarized in the rules hearing notice previously posted to this site was approved and filed with an effective date of June 27, 2014.  The purposes of the rule set are:

  1. To comply with the requirements of Am. Sub. HB 98 of the 130th General Assembly and with Executive Order 2013-05K and directives/recommendations issued thereto.
  2. Promoting opportunities for and inclusion of veterans and their spouses in the planning and execution of occupational licensing functions of administrative and regulatory agencies.
  3. Providing “one-stop guidance” for veterans seeking entrance to or continuation of service in the professions regulated by this Board

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